Recycle Program

Candle Jar Recycle Program:

As a way to show our love for the planet and those that live on it, we are glad and proud to introducing a candle jar recycling program!

For every 8 empty, cleaned jars with lids that you return – you will receive one small (8oz) candle!

All 8 jars & lids must be cleaned before you send them in (please see cleaning instructions below)

To clean your jars:

  1. When the candle has about a half inch of wax left in the bottom, place the entire jar into the freezer for a few hours. Scrape out the hard wax with a spoon, fork, butter knife – whatever you feel most comfortable using
  2. Boil some water and add it to the jar (about an inch of hot water) to loosen all remaining wax and the wick sticker from the bottom of the jar
  3. Continue to scrape the wax out of the jar . You should be able to release the wick sticker as well – now that the hot water is in there.
  4. Any remaining hot water in the jar: toss OUTSIDE or in a jar. DO NOT put this down your sink.  Wax could harden, clogging your pipes.
  5. NEVER add the jars to a microwave, as the wick bottom is metal.
  6. Once the jar is clean of wax, simply wash in the sink or in a dishwasher and it’s ready to be returned!

This offer is valid in person markets only (see below for more information)

    • If you order online and would like to drop off your jars in Brampton or Shelburne, Ontario, simply email me at to arrange exchange of your jars/lids for a small (8oz) candle.

Want to keep your jars? No Problem! Here are a few ideas 

Star off by using the cleaning instructions above

Some ideas for resuse:

  • Vase for fresh flowers
  • Store your trinkets
  • Use as measuring cup
  • Make into a soap dispenser (by adding a spout)
  • Add some fairy lights to it and make it a mini outdoor lantern (or as home décor)
  • Plant a herb garden
  • Use as a tea light holder!